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Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen - Witterzomer Drenthe

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Wildlands: a great adventure!

Fancy a day out full of adventure? Then come to WILDLANDS and make a world expedition in one day. Discover new worlds, come face to face with wild animals and experience some exciting adventures.

New in WILDLANDS: Tweestryd

A new adventure awaits... Experience a spectacular race with your family and friends in Tweestryd; mining with a mission!

Tip: you can buy your tickets at the Witterzomer reception.


  • Jungola - Survival in the jungle
    Start your hike through the jungle in an overgrown temple with hundreds of butterflies. Climb past the crocodiles and monkeys. Explore Rimbula River by boat; follow Jungle Trails; cross the river past the swimming elephants; keep your head cool on the headhunters trail, and learn some survival tips from Jim in his Jungle Show.
  • Serenga - Cool safari trip
    Explore the Dogon Village where a large group of hippos live nearby. Enter the Bavarianen Arena and find treasures in the sand. Learn to play Djembé and step into the Serenga Safari truck and spot rhinos, wildebeests, and giraffes from very close by. New: Tweestryd! Step into one of the mine carts with your friends and family, let yourself be brought up to a dizzying height of 20 meters and experience an unforgettable race against each other through the old mine; mining with a mission!
  • Nortica - Ice-cold research
    Discover the polar bears above and below the water at the polar station. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of polar researcher Mattie. Take the dizzying 4D test flight through the Arctic with the Arctic 1; walk among penguins, and watch how the sea lions cooperate with the researchers in the Nortica show.
  • Animazia - Adventure for the youngest
    Climbing, clambering, and lots of fun. There is a lot to do in Animazia. The XL indoor playground paradise is full of surprises, such as a climbing course and aquariums full of tropical fish. For very young children, there is the Great Adventure Show of Neila & Babu.
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