Vakantiepark Witterzomer
Hunebedcentrum - Witterzomer Drenthe


The daily life of our special ancestors from Drenthe

With sixteen dolmen in the immediate vicinity, Borger in Drenthe is the dolmen capital of the Netherlands. So it makes a lot of sense that the Hunebedcentrum (Dolmen Center) can also be found here! Next to this center, you will find a large pebble garden and the largest dolmen of the Netherlands is a little further out. There is even a stone age house surrounded by a primeval garden on the prehistoric farmyard. The Hunebedcentrum is the starting point of an unforgettable journey through prehistoric times.

The exhibition at the Hunebedcentrum will show you how the dolmen builders lived and worked thousands of years ago. Your visit to the Hunebedcentrum starts off in the cinema. We will take you on an icy journey, 150,000 years ago, from Scandinavia to Drenthe. Then a group of dolmen builders will be ready to welcome you. Once there, they will show you their world. They will show you their daily life, take you in their simple farmhouse, and take you to the wild land around their fields, where wolves, aurochs, and bears live. Through multimedia productions, a reconstruction of a dolmen, landscape models, a shadow play, children's activities and much more, you can imagine yourself in the time of the dolmen builders; 5500 years ago.


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