At more than 34 km of Witterzomer, you will find the nice place of Emmen, mostly known from animal park Wildlands.But there is so much more to do in Emmen!

Shopping and going out

In the center of Emmen, you will find a green heart (the former Brink, now the Market) with trees around the Grote Kerk. On both sides of this green heart you will find the shopping mall of Emmen. The south part is formed by roofed shopping malls the Vlinder and the Weiert. Together, they are the largest roofed shopping mall of Noord-Nederland. The northern part, known by the name Centrum-Noord, is the more historic part of the center. The shopping evenings are on Thursday nights. In the center, on the market, the week market is held every Friday. For a complete overview, visit www.vlindereninemmen.nl.


In Emmen, you can find one of the beautiful zoos in the Netherlands, Wildlands Adventure Zoo, reopened in 2006. A great combination of zoo with experience park. But also the Veenpark is worth a visit, to get acquainted with the history of Drenthe in a nice way. In the Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum, near Emmen, the peat history of Drenthe is coming to life. You drive or sail through nostalgic villages and a natural peat moors with real peat excavations. The baker, the grocer, the wooden shoe maker and the peat cutter are working every day. The park is opened from April to October.


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