Vakantiepark Witterzomer
Cycling and hiking trails - Witterzomer Drenthe

Cycling and walking routes

Cycling and hiking routes

The province of Drenthe is the premier province for cycling and hiking in the Netherlands. Because of the central location of Holiday Resort Witterzomer, it is the starting point for many beautiful hiking and cycling routes.


From the reception, you can follow several nice routes, varying from 10 to 50 kilometers. You can also buy a cycling map at the reception. Didn't bring your bikes on holiday? During the summer there are several rental options at Witterzomer.


For a lovely hike you don't have to go far from the resort, because you can simply walk through our nature reserve. Furthermore, there are several routes available from the reception that cater to the experienced hiker.

Bikes in Drenthe

Thanks to the wide range of nice cycling routes, Drenthe has been awarded with the title of 5-star cycling province. Drenthe used to be characterized by a landscape filled with moors and heathlands and you can still see this today. When you get on your bike in Drenthe you will come across vast heathlands, forests, peat bogs, rolling fields, and meadows. But also nice villages and interesting sights. In addition, in Drenthe there are no less than eleven different sheepfolds, which you can visit to see the sheep and lambs grazing.

There's something for everyone when it comes to the available cycling routes. Those who are looking for a quiet cycling route through nature are in the right place here, but the more experienced cyclists, who are looking for a beautiful mountain biking route, will also get their money's worth out here. Check out a number of possibilities here:


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