Vakantiepark Witterzomer
Kamp Westerbork - Witterzomer Drenthe

Camp Westerbork

Kamp Westerbork

In the middle of Drenthe is a place with a remarkable history. On this historic spot, the lives of hundreds of thousands Jewish Dutchmen are remembered. The story of Kamp Westerbork is the story of the murder of 102,000 people, a mother, a father, a grandfather, a grandmother, an uncle, an aunt, a brother, a sister, a nephew, a girlfriend, a neighbor, a class mate...and the story of five thousand survivors.


In the museum of Memorial Center Kamp Westerbork, the lives of the victims and survivors is told. Personal stories in expositions and on video make the story of Kamp Westerbork also accessible for children. Video material from 1944, a partially fitted barrack, a last farewell given from the train, a scale model of the camp, drawings of playing children add a picture and a feeling to this remarkable past.

Camp grounds

In 1971, the last barracks of Kamp Westerbork were demolished. This historic place was hardly recognizable as a result. To change this, a a restructuring has taken place. Embankments and reconstructions indicate the original size and place of a number of barracks. Old paths and roads have been reconstructed. On the roll call area The 102,000 stones: symbol for the murdered deported. On the camp grounds, the National Monument Westerbork represents the essence of Kamp Westerbork. The Jerusalem Stone and the Signs in Westerbork are memories of the tragedy that occurred here.


Except for the regular exposition ‘Durchgangslager Westerbork’ , the Memorial Center Kamp Westerbork regularly holds expositions which shed light on the various periods of the camp and inform about the camp life.


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