Drents Archive

Drents Archive 3.0

With Drents Archive 3.0, everyone can experience the history of Drenthe in a brand new way. In order to offer visitors of the archive building that experience, the monumental building underwent a major metamorphosis inside and was recently reopened in October of 2012. The new entrance at the Museum Lane forms the beginning of the historical timeline that runs through the building. Visitors will travel through time starting at the entrance from 2012 and the building from 1980 to the monumental building from 1901 and the medieval cloister. The wing from 1980 is furnished as a studio with a grandstand that can accommodate 48 people. Individual visitors can walk through to the monumental building by themselves to discover and experience Drenthe's past. One way to do so is by zooming in on the Drents Archive 3.0 digital navigation system, which allows you to make a virtual journey through time.



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