Saturday, July 4, 3 p.m. 

Best guest, 

We are very happy to receive our guests at our park again. Naturally, we try to arrange everything as well as possible for you and extra (hygiene) measures are taken. We understand that you have many questions about your holiday for the coming period. Via this page we provide you as (potential) guest with the most up-to-date information. In this, we will of course remain dependent on government measures and how the situation continues to develop. It is therefore possible that changes will follow. 

Via the buttons below you can find all information of this week. Naturally, we will post a weekly update here.  

Click here for general information during the summer holidays

What measures has Vakantiepark Witterzomer taken?

National policy is aimed at minimizing social contacts with others and guaranteeing (hand) hygiene. We and all employees follow this policy. Our employees are only working when they are in good health. There is even more attention for cleaning the entire park and for facilities where many guests gather, measures have been taken, such as handles and walking lines.

Naturally, guests and employees at the park will have to comply with the RIVM guidelines.

  • Keep 1.5 meters away
  • Prevent group formation
  • Stay away from busy places
  • Wash your hands often
  • Cold symptoms? Then stay home.

At the park you will be informed at the various facilities about the measures and working methods. In order for all guests to enjoy our park, it is very important that everyone adheres to the guidelines.

At the moment, our park can only be visited by residents. Day visits and visits are not allowed. If you receive guests we would like to hear this at least 2 days before arrival. 

Our facilities are open

Fortunately, we have now been able to open almost all facilities for you. We will continue to post updates via this page, at the park and via the Witterzomer app. It goes without saying that the (RIVM) guidelines must be observed at all facilities. At the facilities you will be informed about the measures taken for this. You will also receive the exact opening hours during your stay on arrival. We receive many questions about the following facilities, which is why you will receive an explanation. 
• Reception: The reception is open, but we request that you only come by if necessary. You can ask your questions by email, chat, Whatsapp and telephone. On busy arrival and departure days we will welcome you and see you off in our special Drive Thru!   
• Recreation program: During the summer holidays, the weekends in September / October and the autumn holidays, we offer a recreation program, adapted to the guidelines of the RIVM and the Safety Region.
• Open air swimming pool: The swimming pool is open in accordance with the guidelines. During busy periods we will work with time slots, you will be informed about this at the park.  
• Recreational pond: No additional measures apply to the recreational pond, other than the RIVM guidelines.  
• Skik indoor play and bowling: Fortunately, Skik can be played again! For the time being no time slots are used, this may possibly be the case when it is very busy.